Mobo Game Jam

Mobo Game Jam is a global game-making challenge brought to you by Kucheza Gaming and Ukie education’s Digital Schoolhouse. Young innovators from across the globe are challenged to create a game prototype of epic proportions in this international competition.

Teams and individuals from ages 8 - 16 years are encouraged to combine creativity, compassion, and computational thinking to solve a worldwide problem. The brief invites entrants to submit a game or game idea that explores a solution to global challenges. Along the way, creators will also receive free virtual masterclasses from experts in the field, to help improve their digital skills and careers education.

Winners will have the opportunity to see their games showcased at the live event which will help raise awareness of the importance of the challenge they have proffered a solution for. The jam aims to act as a catalyst for cultural exchange between entrants by promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and humanity in their ideas. To ensure that the jam is accessible to everyone, entrants can submit a paper or digital prototypes.

Click here for this year's brief

Advisory Committee

  • Bukola Akingbade
  • Shahneila Saeed
  • Eyram Tawia
  • Joy Buckner
  • Wallace Wang
  • David Olamide
  • Gbenga Folorunsho